What's new in YIL 2023?

Welcome to YearIn.LoL 2023! We’re so excited to be here, and we’re here to help you Get Excited too!


  • Welcome to all formerly-Garena players! With the addition of SEA to the Riot API, we’re now able to show complete stats for everyone in the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam!

  • Willkommen auch an deutschsprachige Personen! YearIn.LoL is now available in languages:

    • English
    • Pirate English
    • German
    • TODO: finish this list

    Want to see your language on this list? Contact us and let us know you’d be interested in translating for us! If you’re up for it, we’d love to add more languages this year, but you could also start when we create the next version of the site.

  • We’ve created two minigames: Champion/Item Bingo, and Guess That Ping Score! Brag about your high scores on Twitter with hashtags #yearinlol or #yil23 and we’ll retweet top scores!

  • We started a new blog! You’re reading it right now! Check out our article about the number of matchups possible in League of Legends.

  • There’s a brand new featured statistics page! Simulate chatting with us and find out how much teamwork was experienced during 2023.

  • Are you an ARAM-only player? We’ve randomly selected some ARAM-only stats to show in our non-Summoner’s Rift infograph, along with URF & Arena.

Nerfs to bugs (aka bugfixes)

  • We nerfed a bug that was causing infograph generation not to occur properly on some mobile browsers. You should experience 100% fewer Kha’zixes when opening your profile card!

Actual nerfs

  • Generating per-champion leaderboards is extremely computationally expensive, and there’s a limit to the total number of queries we can run because our server is working 24/7 when we create these. So, in the interest of having more stats represented in per-champion leaderboards, we’ve deleted the per-champion-per-server leaderboards, and instead we’re making more stats available in global champion leaderboards.

Returning this year

  • Our leaderboards are back! Be the best at anything.
  • Multisearch returns as well - we support searching up to 16 different accounts at the same time! Click “I have multiple accounts” when you search your profile, and let the magic happen.


  • Please remember that you must use your new Riot ID, as old summoner names are no longer supported.

Written by River

River is a web developer best known for building Leaguepedia. At YearIn.LoL she's a copy writer (actually) as well as definitely 100% a graphic designer (not actually).

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